I create a string variable to set the wanted scene in an area, typically one for each room but sometimes for a whole floor.

In example I have a scene-2etg for a scene for the second floor, including kitchen and living room.




Someone present, normal lighting


Slightly dimmed


Dimmed lighting, typically in the morning or evening


Flood lighting. Typically when we clean the house


Night lighting. Most lights turned off.


Night lighting with presence detected. A few dimmed lights turned on to be able to navigate through the house.

I decided that these scene variables are the only way to control the lighting of that room. I'm fine with a few preset scenes for simplicity.

In some rooms, I'm happy with 2-3 scens, in others I have a lot more.

I need one flow for each scene. It is triggered when the scene variables changes. It has a condition of the scene variable to match a specific string value. And the then cards all set the different lighting conditions for that scene. Typically wither turn off, or dim to.

Collect all the scenes in a folder, and start with one and use duplicate to simplify the setup.

I do not use scenes to set color temperature, I have a parallell setup for that independently from scenes.

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