Time table

Many of my automations depend on the time of day. In example, I’d prefer cold temperature of the light in the morning, and warm in the evening. I also dim the light in the evening.
I’ve created a logic string variable named timeperiod
At least someone has gotten out of bed
Motion after 06:50
Most of the day
09:00 weekday
11:00 weekday
After dinner, before the kids go to bed.
Late in the evening
Everyone has to bed
Button triggers good night mode
Auto if no motion at 01:30
I use time triggers to set the variable, and it is pretty straight forward.
I collect all the timeperiod flows in a timetable folder. Currently it also contains a few sun event based flows.
Many of the values I set at the same time all week, and some I differ in weekend and on hollidays.
The flows are usually trigged by date and time, with the condition of weekday or weekend. I've not fully introduced the holliday concept, but there are apps for the official hollidays, and probably would use that in combination with a integration with our family calendar.

Good night

We have a manual button in the master bedroom triggering the good night flow, which sets the timeperiod variable to night. In addition we have an auto good night flow, that runs at 1:30, if there is motion in basement and on first floor.