Geofency and webhooks

Adding reliability to presence tracking for a person.

If the built-in app is not sufficient reliable, you may add more sources to aggregate the presence of a person.

I can reccomend Geofency for iOS users. Geofency uses geo-fences or iBeacons (bluetooth LTE) to track when you enter and leave a zone. When you enter or leace a zone, you can configure geofency to trigger a webhook. And that is what you should do.

First setup a flow for each person to track.

Notice the documentation to the right. To find your Homey cloud ID, open the Homey app and go to More.. - Settings - General.

You will need to setup a GET webhook request for when you enter your home, and one for when you leave. The URL will be something like this:


And, the same with a different tag value for when you leave the zone:


Now, install and setup geofency.

Create a home zone. You may off course add other zones as well, if needed. You may add a zone to detect when you leave work, or you make create a big circle to track when you leace the city.

Check the settings for your zone, and choose to add a webhook.

And add the enter and leave URLs. Remember to configure GET and not POST.

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