Homey Automations

My smart home automations documented.

I switched to Athom Homey in October 2019, and so far I'm very happy with Homey as a controller. Even if it is very basic, it is rock solid, reliable and very user friendly.

Please let me know if you have ideas of simpler way to do things.

My goal is 99% automation, and very little user interactions, and keeping the setup as simple as possible to make it more reliable.


Here is the overall architecture of my most of my automations.

Getting started

Here is my reccomended steps to getting started

Test each step independently by inspecting the logic view on your phone.

Good luck!

Note on the use of state variables

I decided to go for the built-in logic variables. I prefer to not depend on third party apps when not needed. Better logic could probably serve me better, there is a few features that would help me. The most interesting one would be a when trigger that detects when one of multiple variables has changed.