Home state

One of the most important states of my home is whether or not there is anyone at home.

I've created a boolean logic variable homefor this purpose.

Person presence

I got one boolean presence variable for each person with the Homey app. See more information on Person presence.


Often we have guests that stays for several days, and they may be at home even if none of us are present.

I've added a virtual device for Guests present. Each morning I get a notification if the visitor flag is turned on, to make sure I flip it off if the guests are gone. I've mapped the virtual device for guests to a boolean flag along with the other boolean presence variables.

Aggregated state

Note: presence-besok, is norwegian, and it translates to presence-guests.

Fall back when someone arrives home

As a fall back if someone arrives back at home, without the presence working properly, or if the kids enter home before the parents, I explicitly flip home to true always when the door lock opens.

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